About Us

5th Generation Farm dedicated to growing food to feed people and creating soils that enrich your gardens. 


- Food 
- Soil & Mulch

- Compost
- Wood Chips

- Screener Rental

Location & Phone

21 Wells Road 

Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
207-671-5341 - Penny 

207-807-1761 (Soil Products)

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What's in Season?

We can attempt to predict what will be in season based on "the norm", yet Mother Nature dictates what will be available when from our fields.


BUT there are many farms (ours included) that use high tunnels and other "technologies"to offer products a bit earlier and later in the season. 


The chart to the right is representative of field production. When covered growing is overlaid you can assume 1 to 2 months earlier and later - so zucchini may be available from June to end of October with the help of  "climate control". 


Enjoy Maine produced food year round!