About Us

5th Generation Farm dedicated to growing food to feed people and creating soils that enrich your gardens. 


- Food 
- Soil & Mulch

- Compost
- Wood Chips

- Screener Rental

Location & Phone

21 Wells Road 

Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
207-671-5341 - Penny 

207-807-1761 (Soil Products)

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Growing Food to Feed Our Community!

Jordan's Farm is committed to delivering the freshest produce to our customers much of which is grown right here at the farm. We recognize that we can not grow all the products our customers would like and so we purchase products from other farms. Our meat products come from farms that focus on producing the highest quailty products and are pastured. We understand the need for safe and affordable food and commit ourselves to these goals. 

Our Cape Elizabeth Location
Wells Road Market 



9:00 - 6:00 

21 Wells Road 

Cape Elizabeth 

Located at 21 Wells Road our farm stand is built around the goal of providing foods from our farm as well as from other farms across Maine. We focus on having a variety of products so that our customers can leave with a "Maine Meal". 


Products ebb and flow with the season and we hope allow our customers to experience the breadth and depth of Maine foods. 


Vegetables - Meats - Poultry - Goat Cheese - Dairy - Prepared Foods - Butter ... and more!





Our South Portland Location 
The Farm Stand 


Jordan's Farm and Farmers' Gate Market join forces to bring Maine vegetables, fruits and meats to our customer year round!

161 Ocean Street South Portland

Mon - Sat 9:00 - 7:00  Sun 10:00 - 6:0 0 

In August 2014 Jordan's Farm and Farmers' Gate Market opend a store at 161 Ocean Street in South Portland. The goal is to create easy access to Maine products. A full service butcher shop focusing on grass fed beef and pasture products such as pork, chicken and lamb. Jordan's Farm supplies and sources vegetables and fruits and then we round it out with dairy cheeses, eggs and otehr grocery products from Maine. 


Fresh Meat ~ Poultry ~ Fresh Produce ~ Dairy ~ Wine ~ Cheeses ~ and the best sausage in town!